Via Quartiere , 140/B 44015- Runco- Fe
cell. +39 3391198691
Via Quartiere Runco , 140/B - 44015 - Runco - FERRARA, ITALY CELL .:. +39 3391198691
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Room & Breakfast Basilico

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Double room Sage

At the first floor, wardrobe with colorful designs, bed in sage green.

Double room Rosemary

Looking at the window you can admire the back yard and smell the scent of the rosemary plant

Double Room - Basilico

Thinking at the past......

Double Room - Peppermint

Looking at the heated minipool on the yard

Double room - Lavender

At the first floor, furniture are modern and bright.

Double room - Oregano

A ray of sun comes through in the morning, at your awakening...

we are close to...

Balsamario onyx in the museum of the Palace of Belriguardo
Via Quartiere , 140/B 44015- Runco- Fe
cell. +39 3391198691

The Delta of Po

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Bando and Campotto oasis

Program of tour natural of great interest to the discovery of a land still intact and very impressive

1 day arrival in the area of the ancient Valli del Mezzano, l'Oasis of the Anse Vallive di Porto - Bacino di Bando is a wetland area of extraordinary natural value for the conservation of many plant and animal species. Occupying an area of about 52 hectares, with a guided bike tour. the Oasis is formed by a central basin with a perimeter of about 3.5 km, and from three tanks smaller. Thanks to a corridor of land that separates the waters of the tanks, it is possible to walk along the perimeter of the water the central, both on foot and by bicycle, admiring the variety of plant and animal species present and being surprised by the spectacular views offered by the oasis. Free time for lunch.Transfer to the B&b Basillico for time to relax and overnight. Free dinner.

Day 2 Departure for Campotto of Argenta and its Vall. This protected area is the southern part of the regional Park of the Po Delta, where the Rhine now come to the mouth, is part of a territory of exceptional historic value and nature, characterized.from the Valleys of Campotto, a wetland of international interest and Station of the Po Delta Park offer to the tourist and the scholar a fascinating landscape, rich with plant and animal, that inhabit the habitat in some way evocative of the original natural environments. Carpets of floating water lilies alternate with stretches of gentian, of water and reed marsh and damp meadows of large larch trees; you can admire the many species of the hygrophilous forest of the Beautiful; in the waters, in the sky, in the bumps, fish, resident and migratory birds, and other animals testify to the life of the swamp. The program of the morning includes a guided excursion between the nature trail and the sacred Valley. Stop for lunch in a farmhouse with traditional menu. In the first afternoon visit to the headquarters of the Museum of the Valleys that you will find at the Casino of Campotto, and is home to the historical-naturalistic, with room teaching and screenings, a library, and photo library, publications, personal care specialist. Are offered to the visitors, first of all, the new archaeological and topographical, documentary film, and a historical exhibition, with the great model of the operation of the drainage work in silver; the "Concerto della Valle" and "Stop in the Oasis" have, respectively, in the special rooms of audio-visual exposure, the songs of birds and the noises of the marsh, and the natural aspects of the valleys. The adjacent Valleys of Campotto are, live, the naturalistic section and the Museum of land Reclamation, in the near-water-scooping plant Saiarino, hydraulic. Thus there is a complex historical documentary nature.

The Delta's story

The Regional Park of the Po Delta of the Emilia-Romagna region covers areas considered to be among the most productive and rich in biodiversity. The Park has the largest extension of wetlands protected in Italy, areas of outstanding ecological value.
It is a territory rich in natural environments that are home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. The high number of species present is closely linked to the diversity of the habitats present, are expressed with forms and adaptations peculiar in relation to the different physicochemical conditions of the soil and climatic conditions.

The particular geomorphology of the territory, even if not expressed with forms that are obvious, if not to a trained eye, has allowed the establishment of woodland vegetation, deciduous and evergreen. The old eliceo Woods, who is mentioned in historical manuscripts, it remains only a small trace on the ancient dunes of the coast of ferrara. In ravvennate the forest, of more recent vintage, dresses of pines and sea: the pine forests.
Important elements of the landscape of the Delta are the Valleys and the wetlands.

The marshes were for flooding by the waters of the sea of territories or depressed for the work of transformation of man for the purposes of production (fishing, salt pans).

The inside of the perimeter of the Park extends one of the few examples in continental Europe of wetlands of fresh water: the Valleys of Argenta and Marmorta, survived to the drainage works due to essential hydraulic function as “expansion”.

Green package: The tour by bike

Tour 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights with cycling activity between Ferrara and campaign tour of the easy route up to the Oasis of Porto and of Call with overnight stays at the Basil room & breakfast and bicycle rental, free, support, cycling guide, dinner in the restaurant, in the vicinity of the B&b, free Gadgets of the bikers and card cycling in the Province of Ferrara

The Regional park of the Po Delta-Special Families -

Via Quartiere Runco , 140/B - 44015 - Runco - FERRARA, ITALY CELL .:. +39 3391198691
Bookable also with WhatsApp - P:iva 01840070385 -
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