Via Quartiere Runco, 140/B 44015 Runco - Ferrara
24H/24 Tel.: +39 3391198691
Via Quartiere Runco , 140/B - 44015 - Runco - FERRARA, ITALY CELL .:. +39 3391198691
Bookable also with WhatsApp - P:iva 01840070385 -

Room & Breakfast Basilico

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Double room Sage

At the first floor, wardrobe with colorful designs, bed in sage green.

Double room Rosemary

Looking at the window you can admire the back yard and smell the scent of the rosemary plant

Double Room - Basilico

Thinking at the past......

Double Room - Peppermint

Looking at the heated minipool on the yard

Double room - Lavender

At the first floor, furniture are modern and bright.

Double room - Oregano

A ray of sun comes through in the morning, at your awakening...

we are close to...

Balsamario onyx in the museum of the Palace of Belriguardo
Via Quartiere , 140/B 44015- Runco- Fe
cell. +39 3391198691

Comacchio and surroundings

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   Via Quartiere Runco , 140/B-  44015 -  Runco - FERRARA, ITALIA   CELL .:. +39 3391198691      
Prenotabile anche con WhatsApp -  P:iva  01840070385 -
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